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Finding talent in today’s market:
Companies of all sizes (from major Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses) are finding it difficult to recruit quality talent in today’s work environment. We focus our experience and energy on fulfilling your employment needs directly and efficiently.

Benefits of working with BayTech:

  • Saves Time & Money – the hiring process is time consuming and costly
  • Low Maintenance – one call to us and we get to work immediately
  • Less Risk – we cover UIA, FOC, new-hire paperwork, payroll taxes & more
  • Drug Testing – all candidates are drug tested as part of the prescreening process
  • Background Checks – candidates are screened for criminal history
  • Skills Testing – we offer client specific skill assessment testing when requested
  • Quality Candidates – we get to know what you’re looking for first to ensure you receive only high-quality candidates

Keep Workman’s Compensation Costs Down
Already fully staffed? Let us help lower your Workman’s Compensation costs by providing a full range of drug and breath alcohol testing for your business. We’re ready to help!