Why BayTech?

When your company has an open position, you want it filled quickly and with a candidate who meets your specific requirements. We’re here to help! We actively work on your behalf to recruit and pre-screen potential candidates so you don’t have to. How it works:
  • You provide us with descriptions and starting wage(s) of the open position(s)
  • We immediately begin to actively recruit, pre-screen, interview, and drug test
  • We send you screened, high-quality candidates to select from
  • We handle all new-hire, workman’s compensation, payroll taxes, FOC, UIA details, & more!
  • We can also provide pre-employment, post accident or random drug testing to help keep your existing workman’s comp. fees at their lowest

Our Services - What We Do

  • Hiring Support
  • Job Seeker Support
  • Drug Screening & DNA Testing
  • Payroll Support

Save Time & Money

Less Stress

Low Risk

Pre-screened Quality Candidates

About Us

Since 1996, we’ve been passionate about matching amazing businesses with amazing people. We take pride in getting to know the companies and candidates we serve. We’re not just a staffing agency. We want to do everything in our power to make sure the right connections and relationships are built. We’re here to help both our clients’ businesses and our talent grow, develop, and strengthen over the long term.

We’re excited to make the right match for your company or your career. Give us a call or drop us an email and let’s get started.

Let's Connect

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Email us:  jobs@thebaygroup.com
Snail mail us:  420 Waldo Ave., Suite 2, Midland, MI 48642

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